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Finding Audio Stories on the Map


Audio + Maps = A New Way to Discovery Great Stories


“Podcast discovery is broken, someone should fix it.” – David Rosenthal, Acquired podcast. One way to make discovery easy is to place location episodes on a map


Click above to see how this public radio station has added MapCast to their web site

Examples: Making old stories new again

“I had driven past this lake many times without knowing its name or story. With MapCast, I noticed the pin nearby and heard from KLCC radio about the mysterious Lost Lake.” – This story from years ago is just as relevant today.

Channeling Steve Jobs? A fascinating conversation with Dan’l Lewin, President of the Computer History Museum, and one of Jobs’ closest associates. And if you were in the SF Bay Area, you might not have known about this museum, that’s easily found on the map.

Another story from the KLCC radio archive, the tragic and important story of the Indian woman Amanda De-Cuys, Anyone touring the Oregon coast can now easily find this story on the map, from KLCC’s own web site.